One of Concord Academy’s most beloved annual traditions is Senior Coffeehouse. The event, full of music, skits, dances, and inside jokes, is set to commence on Friday, March 3. The class of 2023 has been planning skits, choreographing dances, and rehearsing various other acts to perform for the school community. As they near graduation, the class of 2023 has almost four years' worth of jokes to share.

Last year marked a memorable return to an in-person Coffeehouse after a year-long hiatus due to COVID-19 in 2021. The skits and routines commemorated the class of 2022’s rollercoaster of a CA career. Classic performances like Boy Band and Girl Dance had students and faculty alike bustling in the P.A.C.

The best-received act came at the tail-end when there was a skit that did a take on the show Shark Tank. Each contestant acted as a different candidate from the search for CA’s Head of School that took place last academic year. Each candidate presented themselves in a caricature-like manner, trying to sell their “image” to the panel of Sharks. The crowd erupted in laughter at each pitch, and in the end, Henry Fairfax was fittingly the one contestant to receive a deal from the Sharks. 

Coffeehouse will be emceed by Esmée Decola ’23 and Gigi McIntosh ’23, who are both excited about what is planned for this year. They are hoping to exhibit a culmination of their class’ CA experience, and the two have been working for months in preparation for their role as hosts. 

Gigi said, “A lot of the skits that I’m seeing being filmed [...] are starting to look really good […] We have lots of really good music acts that you should look out for, and best of all, you probably have the best emcees you’re going to get in your CA lifetime!”

In regards to what acts to expect, Esmée said, “We have some of those classic skits that we always have, like Boy Band and Girl Dance, the announcements skit […] The emcees are going to be doing some really good skits […] And something at the very beginning that might just shock the audience.” The emcees were unable to disclose the specifics about additional skits, but they are enthusiastic about the lineup for this year.

With Coffeehouse being such a highly anticipated and widely attended school event, the emcees and the class of 2023 seem prepared for another year of what the CA community has grown to love. Be sure to come out on Friday, March 3 to see what the class of 2023 has in store!