Being a boarder means living away from home, gaining independence, and insights on how to conduct yourself while living with peers and sharing a room with others. To say the least, it can be difficult, but the CA boarding experience is unlike any other time in your life, including college. After high school, there won’t be house competitions, house food the same way, or even room inspections. Here is a bucket list of things to do to make your time boarding at CA memorable:

  • Go on a canoe trip
  • Go on a farm trip with Annie
  • Learn how to ride a bike
  • Bike to Walden Pond
  • Go to every CA performance
  • Pull an all-nighter (not on a school night but the day before a break!)
  • Get a projector to watch movies on with friends
  • Pet/Babysit on campus during the weekend
  • Take the train into Boston for a day
  • Bake cookies in the SHAC kitchen on a Saturday afternoon
  • Run by Nashawtuc Hill
  • Attend local festivals and performances around Concord

As we inch closer to the expiration of this part of our lives and we look back on our High School experiences, it's important for us to appreciate and formulate positive memories for the years to come.