With the beginning of a new school year comes the kickoff of the school year’s athletics; and while sports are present year round at Concord Academy, there is no time for them like the fall. This time of year boasts a wide array of options, jam-packed competition schedules, and events like the Chandler Bowl to be enjoyed. The excitement and anticipation for fall athletics is well deserved. 

The complete list of teams is as follows: three boys soccer teams, two girls soccer teams, two girls volleyball teams, one girls field hockey team, one co-ed cross country team, a number of intramural options, and PE classes. Varsity athletics meet five days per week, while junior varsity (JV) meets four times. With so many teams to fill, it seems like a challenge to find the numbers to do so. However, the excited athletes in the CA community get the job done with ease. The passion and attitude that our competitors bring to their craft is important, not only to the success of the team, but to the fun that is had. With so many people committing their time and effort to a shared cause, the payoff is always worth it. Championships can be earned, friendships will be formed, and good times are guaranteed.

The excitement of the Chandler Bowl pep rally is a great indication of the community that these athletics foster. CA comes together for a great purpose, spurring out athletes to play hard and have fun. Last year, we defended our Chandler Bowl title on Pingree soil in a tight battle. This year, our teams will look for a victory on home soil. Until then, fall athletics have time to pick up some steam and build team chemistry. 

An important note for fall sport spectators is where each team calls home. With some squads based on the main campus and others at Moriarty, the scene can be somewhat spread out. When it comes to home games, one can find both volleyball teams in the SHAC, and sub varsity soccer teams on the middle and upper fields. This puts varsity soccer, and field hockey teams at Moriarty. Cheering on your peers in game is one of the best parts of CA athletics, so be sure to come when you can!