Etched deeply into the minds of most students at Concord Academy is the one principle we value most: common trust. But how far does this common trust stretch? Surely, it does not only entail calling teachers by first names and leaving backpacks on floors. So, how is common trust implemented and who supports this key tenet of CA?

To strengthen common trust in the CA community, students are provided with numerous support systems including the Academic Support Center (ASC), advisors, Community and Equity (C&E), and the Health Center. These resources seek to help students feel safe and cared for. These programs are always working to improve and aid the school as a whole.

The ASC is located in the quiet section of the library, making it easy for students to check in whenever they encounter difficulties while studying or doing homework. The ASC consists of three tutors that aid students with whatever academic obstacles they are facing. With a teacher specializing in every department, the ASC can guide students in a variety of areas including better organizing their study strategies and tutoring them one on one in a specific topic. Students are always encouraged to make appointments with their teachers, but the ASC is another layer of added support for those who need it. Students can arrange sessions with the ASC or even just pop in to chat and ask a few questions.

Advisors plays a massive role in a student's life as well. Once enrolled, each student is matched with an advisor with similar interests and hobbies. Throughout their time at CA, advisors serve as mentors to counsel students in all spheres of their school life: academically, socially, and personally. Students should feel comfortable discussing any concerns, excitements, and questions with advisors to ensure an enjoyable CA experience. Parent-advisor meetings are also scheduled for Family Weekend during the fall semester so that there is transparent communication between a student’s support system.

Another crucial part of the school community is C&E. At its core, the C&E office strives for equity and diversity, working towards honoring the identities, cultures, and backgrounds of each individual. C&E organize a series of days throughout the year in which the whole community engages in programs and conversations to explore critical social justice issues and examine where CA can improve. The C&E office also works with and supports the many affinity groups, cultural clubs, and social justice organizations to build a more inclusive community. After all, CA is an institution dedicated to understanding each individual through meaningful and collaborative engagement.

Last but not least, students always have access to the Health Center and Counseling Center for support. There are nurses every school day at CA from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and athletic trainers after school during sports practices and competitions. Even on weekends, the nurses are just a call away for any student who needs them. The Counseling Center includes a consulting psychologist, social worker, and licensed mental health counselor. They offer drop-in sessions, evaluations, and short-term counseling. Students have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to use these services for counseling on any problems they may have. Referrals for long-term counseling can also be made by staff and available after conversations with the student and their parents.

The multiple resources available to students at CA build common trust through the active engagement between students and faculty alike. Each student is provided with extensive support systems that aim to make sure every individual feels valued and celebrated.