One of the unique privileges of being a Concord Academy student is the opportunity to be fully immersed in the community of a quaint northeastern town. CA's connection with the town runs much deeper than its geographical location. The school's boundaries extend beyond Main Campus and into the heart of Concord, where everything from coffee shops to antique stores can be found. During their free time, CA students are welcome and encouraged to explore this area, which has been dubbed “extended campus.” New students and families may be asking, "Where are the best places to go?" Well, here are some recommendations as to where to spend your time in town. 

To begin, where to find this high school essential: coffee? Feeling exhausted after a long night of studying, or need something to wake you up? Look no further than downtown Concord, which has nearly ten coffee shops within walking distance. Of course, regular chain brands such as Dunkin', Starbucks, and Caffè Nero are options, but if you are looking for something more quiet and charming, check out some of the local small businesses. Two student body favorites are Main Street Cafe and Haute Coffee. Both have a plethora of sweet treats and tasty drinks to choose from, accompanied by warm atmospheres. 

Looking for a place to grab food with friends? Many students have taken a liking to The Concord Cheese Shop, which sells sandwiches, snacks, and, you guessed it, cheese. Or, maybe get a slice of pizza from one of the local restaurants, such as Sorrento's. Though, be warned, when you buy pizza from Sorrento's, they give you two slices when you ask for one! If, after your pizza run, you desire something sweet, just walk next door to Bedford Farms Ice Cream. This ice cream store has flavors and toppings galore to choose from and is a great treat after a long day of school. 

Further down the street, at the intersection, is a Cumberland Farms gas station. CA students often run down to Cumbies, as the gas station is affectionately referred to by the school community, to grab a slushy or some candy to power them through the day. This short jog into town to grab snacks has been nicknamed the “Cumbies Run.” 

If you miss the bus to the Moriarty Athletic Campus and find yourself in the precarious situation of having to run a little under a mile to practice, you will likely pass by CVS. This convenience store has all the regular essentials, and should you find yourself there, you might even pop by Crosby’s Marketplace, which is located right next door. Crosby’s is stocked with all the regular grocery items and carries some of its own fresh products including deli and seafood items as well as a salad bar if you're looking for a quick meal.  

If you're looking for a shopping experience not involving food, two of the best places are Nesting and The Dotted i. Nesting has all the knickknacks you might use to decorate your dorm room; its trademark entrance is stairs with inspiring words and motivational phrases chalked on. The Dotted i has stationary, cute writing utensils, and a variety of fun trinkets. 

Closer to CA, across from East Gate is the Concord Free Public Library. CA has established great connections with the library and thus has access to its resources. Should students need to borrow a book for research or free reading, they have the opportunity to do so. Speaking of books, there is also a wonderful bookstore on Main Street named the Concord Bookshop that you should check out as well.

CA is deeply embedded in the Concord community and shares a strong connection with both the residents and the places that surround it. So, enjoy exploring the extended campus and getting to experience the magic of downtown Concord!