Dear Odie,

Thank you for brightening the Haines Common Room with your presence every Tuesday night. You are one of the happiest and friendliest dogs I have ever met. You remain remarkably calm despite our house’s obsession with you after long hours of homework and studying. We are all tired, so your joyful attitude is very helpful. 

It is incredible how you and most other pets on campus manage to stay calm even as you are swarmed by many high school students. You are all very cute and are irresistible to those who like dogs. Seriously, we do appreciate how much you like it when we all say hello to you in Haines House or around campus. 

However, your calmness seems to disappear whenever someone goes to say hello to you when you are outside. Perhaps you have more energy at 3:30 p.m. than at 9:30 p.m. Though, almost everyone does. Regardless, this is all part of your charm. 

Side note: please stop kicking your lacrosse balls out of your reach and down the path. I have seen many a student go to say hi to you and end up chasing several lacrosse and tennis balls down the chapel lane to retrieve them for you. It would be helpful for everyone involved. Fortunately, the path is only at a slight decline, so the balls are relatively easy to catch. 

You never fail to make me and many of my classmates smile when we see you around campus every day and in the Haines Common Room on Tuesday nights. Thank you for always being so happy to see everyone!


Cecily Monahan ’26