This spring, Concord Academy welcomed a pleasantly normal sports season for the first time in three years. Despite a two-week-long return to indoor masking, sporting events remained the same with all CA spring sport offerings being practiced outdoors. With full crowd allowance and mask optionality, the enthusiastic nature of sporting competitions this spring have been reminiscent of years prior, with many friends and family coming to the Moriarty Athletic Campus to cheer on CA athletes.

This spring sports season has proved to be another great one for all Concord Academy teams. The athletes competing this year across all disciplines of CA athletics have been working incredibly hard in practices and games. Plus, with winning records in Boys Varsity Baseball, Girls Varsity Lacrosse, Boys Varsity Tennis, Boys Junior Varsity Tennis, and All-Gender Ultimate Frisbee, the effort has paid off. 

This year also marked  the first inaugural Concord-Bancroft Day, when all Concord Academy athletics teams with the exception of Track and Field competed against the Bancroft School teams. After sweeps from both Girls and Boys Varsity Tennis, and daring holds by the varsity lacrosse teams, Concord Academy emerged victorious, beating Bancroft 4-2. .

Athletes, coaches, and spectators alike are hopeful that this season’s normalcy will continue through the 2022-2023 fall, winter, and spring sports seasons. With COVID-19 restrictions being gradually lifted, athletes have been able to compete and bond as teams, having the 2022 spring sports season set the standard for many great seasons still to come.