To continue the festive cheer of winter, the Performing Arts department has organized both a Holiday Concert and a Chamber Concert this December. However, rather than combining the two together like in previous years, the concerts are two separate events, allowing students participating in these concerts to have more of a spotlight for their performances than before.

The Holiday Concert on Friday, December 15 will take place at 8:00 pm in the Chapel. During this evening, some of CA’s larger ensembles will showcase their performances, such as the Chorus, CA singers, Advanced Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Chameleon Chamber Players. These ensembles will play separately, but there will also be some crossover between the groups. These collaborations will happen between the Chameleon Chamber Players, Percussion Ensemble, and vocal ensembles for especially musically dynamic performances.

A week before the Holiday Concert will be the Chamber Group Concert. This concert will be held in the PAC the previous weekend on Sunday, December 10th, at 2:00 pm. Similar to but separate from the Holiday Concert, the Chamber Group Concert will be dedicated to just the students in Chamber Groups and the Chamber Orchestra. Those students who have been practicing in their small ensembles will also take part in the Orchestra, which is the result of an amalgamation of everyone in the Chamber Group program.

To get into the warm winter mood, or just some music appreciation in general, everyone should look forward to attending the two concerts. A great number of students have been practicing tirelessly every week for the past few months, and these end-of-the-year performances will close off the semester in a wonderful, satisfying way, both for the performers and the audience.