After winter break, students had an exciting first weekend back. They chose from many off-campus activities, including a trip to Newbury Street, the Prudential Center, Boylston Street, Level 99, and the Altitude Trampoline Park. All of these exciting activities happened on Saturday, January 13, 2024, marking an eventful weekend.

Students who took a bus to the Prudential Center in Boston had the option to stay and explore the mall or walk around and explore Boston’s downtown area. Many spent their time at Newbury Street, where one could find shopping and dining opportunities, located a block away from the Prudential Center.

Participants spent their time at stores like Newbury Comics, Brandy Melville, and Sephora, along with a variety of stores that sold food and drink, including GongCha and Shake Shack. Though an enjoyable experience, some note that they wish they could spend more time exploring the streets, and felt like they were rushed when walking around and weren’t given enough time to do everything they wanted to do. They stated they would want to go on another trip if given the opportunity.

After spending time in the Back Bay, students had the option to spend their evening at Level 99 or the Altitude Trampoline Park. At Altitude, students engaged in various activities at the trampoline park, with some taking the opportunity to practice backflips on the trampolines.

Tara Djordjevic ’26, who went on the trip to Level 99, located at the Natick Mall, said, “[Level 99] is basically a bunch of escape rooms, similar to Boda Borg.” Rooms included a ninja room where one had to swing across, and another where participants had to avoid swinging bars and hit buttons. There was a room where someone sat in a container and the others had to pick out a picture based on the description of the picture the person in the box gave them. Tara notes that going on a Saturday evening meant the place was packed. Tara recalls, “The line was really long, there were so many people inside.” She mentioned that she would want to go again if they went at a time when there weren’t so many people.

All of the weekend activities offered the week back made for a very enjoyable weekend, and we are looking forward to other exciting trips CA has to offer in the future.