Technology has become more critical than ever. Comprehending Concord Academy’s many essential online elements is key to a smooth and well-organized school experience.

Think of Schoology as the hub of all class materials. Schoology’s importance at CA has skyrocketed over the past year due to the ongoing pandemic. This is the central location where homework assignments, class documents, and other class resources can be found. 

If Schoology is the hub of all class materials, CAConnect is that but for all school-related materials. Here you can locate the school calendar to find out when extra-long weekends or school events occur; links to many forms, such as course request forms, the directory, health forms; and even Schoology itself.A link to Google Suite can also be found on CAConnect. 

Google Drive is a website that houses all Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides created in an individual’s account. Your CA Google Drive also contains a plethora of folders created by the school that allow you to organize by class. Note that the class folders are not named by their name but rather named by their class number. For example, the Creative Computing folder would be called “CC4019-12039,” a number you can find by going to the class lists found within CA Connect. 

CA Gmail allows students and faculty to connect. However, whether it be a class update, a link to a shared Google Doc, or an all-school message (or FYI), your Gmail tends to get clogged up. Enabling sorting within your Gmail separates personal mail, notifications from applications, and school messages into three different tabs, which makes it easy to prioritize certain emails over others.

Messages that you want to prioritize are those that come from Google Calendar. Google Calendar is your assistant in organizing and planning out your day. Here, you can manage their day around your schedule and even check other teachers’ or peers’ Google Calendars to see when you both have time available for a project or meeting. Google Calendar ensures you have time for anything you need to do

All this technology can seem rather daunting at first glance, but with a bit of time, practice, and help, anyone can grasp all of this and more.