On April 29, Concord Academy hosted the first annual CA/Bancroft Cup. The event included six games across CA's sports teams, in which each CA team played each team from Bancroft. The winner of four or more games would earn the coveted trophy. CA started strong, with both the Girls and Boys Varsity tennis teams winning, which gave CA an early 2-0 lead. Bancroft’s softball and baseball teams stormed back, defeating CA in two close contests and tying the overall score at 2-2. After this, everyone's attention turned to the lacrosse games. CA's boys lacrosse gained a significant lead early on, setting themselves up for success. On the other hand, girls lacrosse initially found themselves losing to Bancroft in the first quarter. With the boys maintaining their lead and the girls putting on an impressive comeback, the two teams secured wins, bringing the overall score to 4-2 in Concord's favor. With the four wins, CA captured the Cup. The trophy was presented to the CA captains to hoist in celebration! 

During the competition, Concord Academy’s Student Action Club (CASA) and the Student Athletic Council organized two fundraisers to raise money to donate to a charitable organization providing aid and relief to Ukraine. Ultimately, the day was a success, filled with intense competition. CA looks forward to participating in this event in 2023 at Bancroft!