So far, Concord Academy has competed in the Chandler Bowl for fall sports and the Battle for winter sports, but what does CA have in store for spring sports? The answer is Bancroft Day, the competitive spring sports event that displays the skill and performance of this current season’s teams. Aptly named for our opponent and host, the Bancroft School, the event was riveting to watch for spectators and a fun challenge for the athletes. The five teams that played were as follows: Boys Varsity Baseball, Boys and Girls Varsity Lacrosse, and Boys and Girls Varsity Tennis. Due to the CA athletes’ impressive skills, talent, hard work, and dedicated commitment, they were able to secure the trophy with a commendable score of 4-1 in overall games.

Boys Varsity Baseball had a successful win of 7-2, though their captains had varied feelings about their performance. Charlie Badger ’23 enjoyed having a combined event with all the CA teams, and even though he thought the score could have been better, he was satisfied with the outcome. He states, “While our victory was not as dominant as it should have been, dubs are dubs.” Jayant Talwar ’23 recounted how they stayed confident in their ability to win, even with the knowledge that Bancroft was a strong opponent. He said, “Coming into the game, we knew that Bancroft was a good team, but we knew we had what it takes to win.” Charlie Seston ’23 named some of the team’s shortcomings during the game, such as their lack of discipline and focus at the plate, hoping to improve in these areas as they strive towards the EIL Championship.

Boys Varsity Lacrosse secured another win to add to the overall count, with an impressive score of 9-1. Captain Jude Lucchese ’24 felt like the event was a favorable preview to the rest of the spring lacrosse season. He relates the positive aspects of the Bancroft event: “Everything about sunny spring sports was present on that day: great energy between both teams, blessed to play our favorite sports, and most importantly the fun and respect shared on and off the field!” From the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team, Mia Bourji ’26 noted the enthusiastic spirit of the game and the overall success of CA’s sports teams as a product of everyone’s eager support and collaboration. She said, “The energy was high and all the teams came together and did so well.” The girls lacrosse team ended with a score of 14-18 after a competitive game. 

Finally, the Boys and Girls Varsity Tennis teams both earned victories for CA, with the boys’ score an incredible 5-0 and the girls’ score a solid 3-2. The third singles player of the girls tennis team Peper Granskog ’26 admired how CA’s lively and vibrant spirit was displayed through the numerous crowds cheering on the athletes: “The game against Bancroft highlighted CA’s school spirit, with everyone supporting everyone, cheering each other on.” Lila Rhee ’26 had a slightly different take on the event; while she enjoyed watching and supporting her team, she would have preferred to see a variety of sports. “I enjoyed cheering for both tennis teams at Bancroft, but I wish that the cup were a little more remarkable to warrant the time commitment, especially considering how I only got to watch one sport,” Lila noted.

Nevertheless, even though sports options for the spectators were limited, the CA spirit prevailed and guided our teams to victory, and eventually the trophy during the awards ceremony. Though the full school sports events for the 2022-2023 year are now sadly over, there’s always the rest of the season to improve our skills for next year. Good luck to all CA teams in their upcoming games, and go green!