Recently, Concord Academy’s Environmental Coheads announced the start of a schoolwide clothing swap. This is a sustainable and community-driven way to donate clothing and perhaps find some new clothing as well. The initiative plans to roll out after Thanksgiving break, though collection has already begun. 

“CA is a community with a lot of wealth, and in an era of online purchasing… we wanted to give students a more sustainable option,” said Carter Wood ’22, one of the environmental coheads. “Our goal is to give people a way to share clothing, and [to give] clothes a second life.” In today’s clothing market, fast-fashion companies dominate and produce endless cycles of new items. In reality, it is easier and less expensive for the consumer to buy new clothes from a fast fashion retailer than to source quality second-hand items. However, thrift stores are overcrowded with clothing, and since the pandemic, consumers have less interest in purchasing an item knowing another individual has already worn it. 

The exchange is a jumping-off point to get students to consider donating their unwanted items and to open their minds to pre-loved clothes as well. The environmental coheads look forward to students’ interaction with the exchange, and if it is a success, they hope to carry it on in years to come. The Chameleon Exchange is just part of an ongoing effort to consume less and to work away from the constant cycle of purchasing and disposing of clothes. 

Current drop-off boxes can be found in the upper Stu-Fac, Main School Lobby, and the basement where student mailboxes previously were. Once the items are collected, they will be sorted into racks and cubbies based on their sizing for students to browse. These drop-off boxes are marked by a white paper sign with the phrase “Chameleon Exchange” on the front. If you are interested in donating, bring your clothing items cleaned and in wearable condition, and place them in one of the drop-off locations.