On Friday, September 2, Concord Academy had its fifth ever Class Day. Contrary to its  name, Class Day is a day without any classes, during which each grade participates in a different activity. This year, ninth graders in extended orientation programming spent the day learning about and adjusting to the various systems at CA. Sophomores volunteered at Groundwork Lawrence, a non-profit organization working to maintain the environmental and economic welfare of local Massachusetts neighborhoods. Eleventh graders went to Hale Reservation, where they took part in team-building exercises, including a ropes course. Seniors stayed on campus for the College Counseling Boot Camp with the College Counseling Office.

Class Day was especially important for new students at CA, as they are all coming from different schools with distinct learning environments and having to adjust to CA’s systems. Throughout the day, freshmen set up their Google Calendars, learned how to submit assignments on Schoology, discussed the challenges surrounding time management (including the ways in which people procrastinate). “[Class Day] gives an opportunity for students, after they lived a couple of days of their academic life, to then have a day to pause and think about what worked and what didn’t,” said Kim Kopelman, one of the ninth grade class advisors.

Starting at a new school can be difficult and at times very stressful. For freshmen, Class Day was aimed at decreasing the stress of being in a new school community, as well as providing memorable experiences for the students. In the past, ninth grade Class Days have been much less active, which resulted in students engaging less with the material. This year, Kopelman and other class helpers made sure to add more interactive parts for Class Day. “We wanted it to be super engaging so that it would have a lasting impact, something that kids could think back on,” said Kopelman.

Class Day this year was undoubtedly a huge success, with the whole CA community coming together to make it a memorable event. In just a few short years, Class Day has become an important tradition at CA that will hopefully continue for many years to come.