The Centipede sent out an optional survey to the class of 2023 and asked those willing to share their college plans. The following is a list of where 49 seniors are matriculating and a pie chart representing the students' anticipated areas of study.

American University '27: Diana Daher

Amherst College '27: Mia Hower

Bates College '27: Maia Monahan

Bates College '27: Victoria Welch Adams

Boston College '27: Charlie Badger

Brown University '27: Sophie Dornstein

Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science '27: John Oh

Chapman University '27: Gabriel Wyatt Fernandes

Colby College '27: Lucy Baker

Columbia University '27: Lucy Wang

Connecticut College '27: John Carlisle McKee

Dartmouth College '27: Liam McMichael O'Brien

Dartmouth College '27: Isabella Ginsburg

Davidson College '27: Charles Seston

Drexel University '27: Gigi McIntosh

Emory University '27: Shahin Aliabadi

Emory University '27: Madison McCaslin

Grinnell College '27: Zana Bajraktari Schwab

Harvard University '27: Alex Eckford

Haverford College: '27: Matilda King Chartener

Haverford College '27: Kaden Nicholas Natale-Schmitt 

Johns Hopkins University '27: Cecilia Wang

Kenyon College '27: Conor Kennealy

Lafayette College '27: Hugo Marquis

Maine College of Art and Design '27: Dex Plunkett

McGill University '27: Mars Bitout

McGill University '27: Nathan Rothschild

Middlebury College '27.5 (gap semester): Peter Elliot Krissoff Boehm

Middlebury College '27: Phoebe Fritz

Middlebury College '27.5 (gap semester): Annie McGarry

Mount Holyoke '27 (subject to change): Luna Cabrera

New York University '27: Liam Salerno

Oberlin College '27: Aisha Aina Tasso

Occidental College '27: Sheilyn Salcedo

Simmons University '28 (additional year to graduate with Masters): Esmee Decola

Skidmore College '27: Kelyn Kiecza

The University of Chicago '27: João Henrique Guimarães Martins

Trinity College '27: Emma Thompson Somol 

Tufts University '27: Claire Carson

Tulane University '27: William Alexander Gladstone

University of Richmond '27: Will Turner

University of Richmond '27: Thomas Ysrael 

University of Rochester '27: Frank Montenegro

University of St Andrews '27: Diego Alonzo

University of Vermont '27: Juliet Sinkus

University of Virginia '27: Christian Omar Setalsingh-Nazaire

Wake Forest University '27: Ben Fleishman

Washington University in St. Louis '27: Selayni Toribio

Yale University '27: Cozette Yudi Weng