Christianity Club is a space for religious and non-religious people alike to learn about and discuss the Christian faith. The club was founded this year by Laura Montoro ’26 and Noah Jennings ’25, who are both passionate about sharing their religion with others. Laura explained that she started the club because she noticed that other religions had their own communities, but she did not feel like her religion was included in any of these spaces. She recalls, “My freshman year, I was looking around and I saw that there were a lot of clubs and affinity faces for different types of religions, [but] none of them correlated to my religious beliefs.” Laura adds that while she knows that Christianity is a majority belief in the world, she did not feel like it was represented or talked about at CA, so she wanted to change this by creating a club.

The club has met twice this year with attendance peaking at thirty people during one meeting. After selling merchandise during Club Expo, they held their introductory meeting in October, discussing their plans for the year and sharing their ongoing journeys with faith. In November, they hosted a Kahoot trivia game with prizes, a fun competition that attracted many participants. A few weeks before Christmas, they sold “serenades,” where buyers could request a song to be sung by Laura and Noah to anyone of their choosing. It was a highly successful fundraising venture for the club.

One of the club’s goals is to host more consistent meetings, though Laura and Noah are both busy with winter sports, so it is difficult to coordinate their free time. The club met in mid-February for Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, which is a religious observance that commemorates Jesus’ forty day fast. Laura and Noah have also started thinking about ideas for Easter, an important holiday that celebrates Jesus’ resurrection. In the future, Laura also wants to organize visits to local churches and parishes, possibly on a weekend trip.

Laura has thoroughly enjoyed leading Christianity Club because of how rewarding the positive feedback has been. She says, “People of all grades have come up to us and thanked us for making the club, and I’m just so happy that it’s been accepted in that positive way.”