Concord Academy is bringing back its driver’s education classes, which will be held in conjunction with Christo Driving School. Just like in prior years, students will be able to take classes through Christo’s driver’s education program on Zoom. Classes will be offered weekly, on five Saturdays from January 14 to February 10. Students will need to attend all five sessions, each six hours long, to fulfill Christo’s requirements and start the journey to becoming licensed drivers.

Christo’s full driver’s education program involves 30 hours in the classroom (in this case, virtually, though in-person classes are also offered), 12 hours of driving, and six hours of observation—which essentially entails watching other people drive while you sit in the back of the car. The total program costs 1,095 dollars, and this can be met through two different payment options. An initial payment of either 595 dollars or 495 dollars will be due upfront on the first day of classes. There is no mention of financial aid at this time.

Students taking the class will also have the luxury of being picked up on campus for driving lessons with Christo’s. This makes racking up the necessary hours behind the wheel an extremely easy, student-friendly experience.

When it comes to getting the fabled driver’s license, convenience is king. Students who do not have access to convenient options for this somewhat arduous process have a much harder time getting their licenses in a timely fashion. This is especially true of boarders, who have limited ability to travel off-campus to pursue this goal. The decision to reintroduce driver’s education classes should be much appreciated by CA students who are looking to get on the road before they graduate.