One of the many eccentric, music-based courses taught at Concord Academy, Digital Music Production is a course dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals of recorded music history and its progression into electronic music. Utilizing music production techniques and softwares such as Ableton Live, students eventually gain full creative control to create their final project for the class. This course provides a space for students to explore the digital side of music, whether they have prior musical knowledge or not, as well as a space for students to share their work with peers. 

Digital Music Production teacher Nate Tucker is a very passionate and musically-inclined teacher. He first started teaching at CA when Amy Spencer, former department head of Performing Arts, suggested he apply to teach after she had listened to some of his compositions in the Boston dance community. Tucker explained, “[Amy and I] discussed DIY music production and how that could apply to CA students.”

Tucker also discussed the reason for his love for teaching the course: his students’ works. He praised their talent and the extraordinary and distinct pieces they always manage to create in class. “Every year I’m genuinely impressed by the work my students make, even students that don’t have any background in music,” he commented. 

Tucker’s favorite part of the semester-long course is always the final projects. He said, “We finally get to see the diverse work the students have made as well as the support and excitement the other students have listening to their peers.”

Students enrolled in the course had a lot to say about Digital Music Production as well. Olivia Kim ’26 enjoys many aspects of the class, but she especially appreciates the creative freedom they have and how they are able to listen to and give each other feedback. The atmosphere of the class is quite open and friendly—diverse with all the unique pieces shared by each student. Olivia is very eager to share her project with the class. She explained that her piece is a story that Digital Music Production has really helped her tell through an instrumental storyline with no need for words. “One of my personal goals while composing is with how well I can convey a storyline through instrumental music,” Olivia said. 

Overall, Digital Music Production is a place for students to venture into new compositional styles and deep dive into their own music exploration. The class is filled with a tranquil vibe and a shared mission to make music. Most importantly, though, it is a class full of listening to others and creating something yourself.