As the school year draws to a close, one of the most disheartening things amidst finals and projects is to bid farewell to teachers or colleagues. Every teacher is an integral part of the Concord Academy community, and the departure of a teacher is often bittersweet.

Such is the case for those acquainted with Annie Falk, CA’s only German teacher, who will be leaving this year. After managing all the German levels for the past decade, she will be departing CA to pursue endeavors outside of this community. Falk served as the Head of the Modern and Classical Languages (MCL) department for four years and has made countless contributions to the MCL curriculum, which impacts every student at CA. Therefore, for Falk, leaving was not an easy decision.

Falk’s aspirations extend beyond her CA career. She hopes to stay in the field of education and language acquisition but intends to shift her focus towards working with young children with language delays. She also wishes to continue to educate students about German and teach in general. 

Reflecting upon her time at CA, Falk said, “I feel sad to leave, as I have loved my time working here, but also hopeful that I will keep my ties with the school, former students, and colleagues.” Among the things she will miss the most are the people, particularly the students and all of her colleagues. Falk notes she will miss Stu-Fac lunches too. Although the community will feel her absence, this May is definitely not the last time she will be seen on campus.

Thankfully, CA has an equally qualified incoming German teacher that the department has already selected. After a meticulous hiring process, Falk believes that the new teacher starting in the 2023-24 academic year can capably assume her role and take on the German classes. Under her guide, the transition to a new member in the department should be smooth and agreeable for all. Nevertheless, Falk’s presence will be deeply missed by all!