This year, Concord Academy welcomes many new faculty and staff members into our community. Among them is Ana Flores, a new Spanish teacher in the Modern and Classical Languages Department. Having previously taught Spanish at two other independent schools, Flores has several years of teaching experience under her belt. She brings her personal connection to the language with her, and is already becoming a respected and well-liked teacher among her students.

Flores grew up in Puebla, Mexico, a city just a few hours east of Mexico City. She attended college at the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla, where she received  a bachelor’s degree in accounting. However, Flores eventually chose education as her career path, finding more enthusiasm in helping students learn. Flores was especially interested in teaching something that held personal meaning to her—namely, the culture of her hometown: “My passion for my native language and my culture inspired me to be a Spanish teacher, so now I continue working on preparing myself to help young adults on this journey,” said Flores.

Flores took her first steps towards that goal working at the Central Catholic High School in 2021, then at The Cambridge Matignon School the year after. Eventually, Flores discovered CA due to its stellar reputation and close proximity to her. She explained, “I live close to CA and have heard it is an outstanding school.” During her visit, she appreciated how accepting and friendly everyone was, which eventually drew her to work here. “When I came to CA for the first time, I noticed it had a welcoming community, which persuaded me to choose it,” Flores said.

So far, she hasn’t been disappointed. So far, Flores has found her time teaching at CA pleasant and enjoyable, primarily because of the people. She appreciates her students’ thoughtfulness in class and encouragement towards one another. She said, “I enjoy teaching Spanish [at CA] because the students are very engaged, [and] the community is very supportive.” She also notes that she is glad to have CA as her workplace.

In her spare time, Flores enjoys spending time with her husband and son, going on family trips, and cycling. Let’s all extend Flores a warm welcome to the CA community!