This year, Brad Moriarty joined the Science Department of Concord Academy as a physics teacher. Prior to CA, Moriarty taught at several schools and briefly worked as an education consultant, as well as a construction manager. He has taught physics at Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts for the past 18 years. 

Moriarty’s teaching journey began 30 years ago at Kent School in Connecticut. Brad was trying out for the US Olympic Rowing Team, and he wanted to allocate some free time during the summer to train. However, at Kent, he discovered his passion for teaching and has been involved in education since then.

“[Physics] has always been the subject I felt the most comfortable with,” Moriarty said. He is fascinated by how physics addresses the way the world works on the most fundamental level. Apart from his physics degree, Moriarty also has several degrees in engineering, which was a discipline that allowed him to discover the way things work from a slightly different angle. Moriarty explained, “Between physics and engineering, my entire career has really been about figuring out how things work and trying to make them work better—whether that’s education, technologies, or buildings.”

In his spare time, Moriarty enjoys riding bicycles, which he designs himself. Every summer, he also enjoys sailing  with his friends and family. Throughout his life, he has sailed at  many interesting places, including in Maine and the Arctic. One of his favorite places to sail in is called Prins Christian Sund, a waterway in Greenland, which, to Moriarity, is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Moriarty went to high school in Concord and has lived here for the past seven years. He is happy to be able to work in the town that he loves.

When asked about his favorite thing about CA, Moriarty focused on the people here, in particular the other science faculty members. “They are brilliant, funny, and very fun!” he exclaimed. The students, too, are a highlight for Moriarty. He observed, “I think the students at CA and the students at Milton are remarkably similar: very bright, curious people.” 

Eloquent, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, Moriarty will be bringing his passion for science into his Physics A, Physics B, and Chemistry classes here at CA. Let’s welcome him to CA!