Students of the Science Department at Concord Academy are sure to be familiar with Susan Flink, a long-time CA teacher and friendly face on campus. She teaches the year-long chemistry course, as well as two upper-level electives: Chemistry of Cooking and Developmental Biology. What many students may not know is just how long Flink has been part of our community. She first joined Concord Academy for the 1992-93 school year as a biology and chemistry teacher. Through the past thirty-one years, she has taught thousands of CA students. Flink also spent years as a 9th-grade class advisor and has had over 50 advisees during her time at CA.

But of course, Flink also leads a vibrant life outside of the classroom. Flink coached Girls JV Volleyball up until the fall 2021 season and has coached other CA volleyball teams in the past. She even coached Boys Volleyball back when CA had that athletic option. Lately though, Fink has chosen to spend her afternoons on other ventures, like being a faculty advisor for Concord Academy Students in Action (CASA), a long-running community service club at CA. She can also be found walking around campus, speaking with students in the third-floor science office, and inspecting the plants growing in the Stu-Fac.

Jessie Ma ’24, a volleyball player and former member of Flink’s Developmental Biology class, had her own words to share. “I freaking love Susan! She was the assistant Junior Varsity Volleyball coach [during] my sophomore year and she was super fun! She also made the best brownies for after a game.” Jessie also added that Developmental Biology was one of her favorite CA classes: “[It was] lowkey life-changing,” Jessie added.

If you ever see Flink while you are walking through Labs, take a moment to say hello! Flink is a friendly, passionate, and active member of the CA community and she is very well respected as a teacher, coach, and advisor.