Around midday on January 13, Concord Academy students had the opportunity to attend the Fall Art Show. Work from all students enrolled in an art class in the fall semester plastered the walls of the Math and Arts Center (MAC), across all three floors. From pottery to photography prints to fiber arts creations, it was an impressive display of talent and creativity.

  The Fall Art Show tends to be more casual than its spring counterpart. Unlike the Spring Art Show, where refreshments are served and works hung temporarily in the Ransom Room, Fall art is simply placed around the MAC, on walls and other surfaces. The pieces have been displayed for the whole month of January. Many students will be able to continue looking at the works on their way to class, and families are invited to view them at a convenient time. 

One interesting piece in this year's Art Show was a painting done by Quinn Williams ’25. The work depicts a marina around midday, a scene Quinn often sees on the drive to his grandparents' house in Connecticut. The oil painting, which is a response to the prompt “a place that brings you joy,” took him around seven hours to complete.

Logistically, the mandatory viewing of the Art Show has changed since last year. This year, students arrived in stages from Class Meetings, instead of all at once. This system helped to keep the art safer from overcrowded hallways and swinging backpacks. During their designated times, students had a more relaxed opportunity to look at the art with friends. Avery Kunchala ’24—who was in the class The Figure in the fall semester, said—“I love the Art Show, I love getting to see what everyone in our school is capable of, because we have such a creative community.” As Avery notes, the Art Show is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate one another and take pride in the school community. Often, CA students are so busy with classes and extracurriculars that there is little time left to step back and recognize all that has been accomplished. The Art Show helps to facilitate time to feel proud, allowing students to celebrate the creativity and hard work displayed in classes from Drawing 1 to Painting 4.