On September 20, 2023, the Boys Junior Varsity Soccer program began their season by boarding a bus to Portsmouth Abbey School. The team was hoping to come away with a win, and they did just that after defeating Abbey 4-1. The team won 1-0 against Berwick Academy a few days later, but the highlight of their road trip was an 11-0 win against Marianapolis Preparatory School. The team’s first home game was against Wheeler School, the toughest opponent they had played so far, but they edged out a 1-0 victory, proving that they could still win against challenging teams. They later won at home in front of the family weekend crowd. Being undefeated through five games and having outscored opponents by a total of 23-3, the group is in high spirits. Although two of the first seven games have been canceled due to weather, team chemistry remains vibrant on the field.

While winning certainly amplifies the experience of being on the boys JV team, this squad is able to form connections regardless of the adversity that they might face. The team works hard every day at practice to improve their skills under the leadership of coach Zach Bloom ’18. When asked about the atmosphere at practice, Captain Jake O’Leary ’25 stated, “We work hard. It is very fun. Sometimes we get a bit [off task], but we still manage to lock in.”

Upon being asked if the team was exceeding expectations thus far, Captain Alex Tarantino ’26 stated, “I think so far we are playing well, but that does not mean we can slack off. We need to put in the work to keep the winning streak going.” The players all do their part to help the team remain successful. After most practices and wins, as a tradition, a Captain shares a quote to everyone. Furthermore, the team regularly does inventive psyches on the days of games to garner excitement among the team for the day ahead.

The boys JV soccer program is an engaging and valuable experience for the students who play on the team. JV sports in general offer a great opportunity for aspiring athletes to represent their school. All sub-varsity soccer teams play on the fields right behind campus, offering an easily accessible location for students who want to watch their friends compete. The boys JV soccer games are often filled with goals and exciting plays which creates a fun playing experience for those on the field, and an engaging viewing experience for those on the sidelines. With nothing but home games following their match versus Pingree at Chandler Bowl, the team would love to see the sidelines packed at their upcoming games!