The start of a new school year always comes with an influx of feelings ranging from eagerness and excitement to anticipation and nervousness. The fall sports season is a significant source of these emotions, especially since it will be incoming students’ first experience with the Concord Academy athletics program. While many returning athletes will impatiently count down the days until their first practice, new students will likely have no idea what to expect. Here is an overview of fall sports with key information to help get incoming athletes prepared. 

The most widely played fall sport at CA is soccer, with three boys teams (Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Thirds) and two girls teams (Varsity and Junior Varsity). Placement is determined through tryouts, which will start on September 4, though everyone is guaranteed a spot on a team. As for practice locations, both varsity teams as well as the girls JV team practice at Moriarty Athletic Campus, while the boys JV and Thirds teams use the fields at the main campus. Soccer at CA is a competitive and exciting sport, but it is still accessible to all skill levels. Every soccer team fosters a strong emphasis on fitness and friendship. 

Cross country is another popular sport, with one large co-ed team. The team uses the sidewalks and nature trails in Concord as their “practice field.” Cross country is a great opportunity to meet older students from different grades. It is the perfect place to test your individual limits, as there are no tryouts and the sport is a relatively straightforward concept for newcomers. 

Another fall option is volleyball, with two girls teams: Varsity and Junior Varsity. Again, placement is decided by tryouts. The teams practice on indoor courts in the Student Health and Athletic Center. Both the Varsity and JV teams are well known for having a genuine love and passion for volleyball, as well as a vibrant and lively atmosphere. 

The last fall sport program is the girls field hockey team. Unlike the others, field hockey only has a varsity team, which is determined through tryouts. Like the varsity soccer teams, their practice location is at the Moriarty Athletic Campus fields. The field hockey team has a unique, competitive passion for their sport, along with a tightly-knit group and well-built team chemistry. 

If you are a freshman or sophomore, you will need to fulfill an athletic credit for all three seasons. For juniors and seniors, you get one season off. Even if you do not play any of these sports, there are plenty of P.E. and intramural options, including dance, yoga, fitness training, or hiking. You can also get athletic credit by doing the fall musical or tech crew. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to decide which choice appeals to you the most, but remember that you can always try something new next year. And in the end, no matter which sport you choose to play, it is certain to guide you to an inclusive community of teammates. More often than not, these will end up as some of your closest friends as the school year goes on. 

Finally, the highlight of the fall sports season is the Chandler Bowl, an exciting sporting event against the Pingree School where all four teams will compete. Last year, CA secured a solid victory and the teams hope to see a similar outcome this fall. Good luck to all teams as they begin training for this culminating event! Go green!