The Centipede's 2023-2024 editorial board featured an impressive number of senior writers. Eight seniors served as section editors, with Simon Glassenburg ’24 and Kelly Kong ’24 co-editing for the Features section, Jason Mao ’24 and Willow Simon ’24 co-editing for the Opinions section, Elspeth Yeh ’24 editing for the Arts section, William Kim ’24 editing for the Sports section, and Jasper Perlis ’24 and Eva Tutin ’24 co-editing for the Science and Technology section. Nick Brady ’24 was the Head Media and Web Editor, and Irene Zheng ’24 was the Photo Editor. Senior staff writers included Marshall Fisher ’24, Connor Gandel ’24, Lucy Koerner ’24, Mohammed Mustakim ’24, and Ritika Sinha ’24.

This array of writers was headed by Co-Editor-in-Chiefs, Mandy Adams ’24 and Smile Jiang ’24. Not only did the two mesh well together in the editing, organization, and distribution processes, but they also had incredible chemistry as a duo. “It's so nice to have worked on the Centipede for four years and be able to take on this leadership role,” said Mandy. “And [especially] to do it alongside one of my best friends.”

Under Smile and Mandy's leadership, the Centipede bloomed, with one of the biggest editorial boards in history. Just as impressively, the publication also experienced a massive increase in cultural impact. “We would hear people talking about certain articles, especially on the front page. And that's always a good sign,” said Smile. Part of this impact came as a result of stylistic changes. For instance, the two opened the front page to all noteworthy articles—not just those in Features—which resulted in pieces such as the Commencement speaker change, and the rise of generative AI in learning. In particular, this has resulted in an influx of Opinion articles. “[It's] a trend that we've been very happily kind of leaning into and that's really cool to see people…actually putting their thoughts out there,” Smile said.

This change also resulted in a massive increase in community engagement. “We got a few letters this year…and we embrace all of that [feedback]. We take all of that because hearing the feedback from individuals in our community is such a big part of what it means to be a student newspaper, [of] what it means to be like evolving and changing and growing,” said Mandy. Smile concurred. “It was really wonderful to see the Centipede have such a massive impact on the CA community and for us to be able to report on really meaningful things,” she said.

Smile and Mandy accredited much of the good work they were able to do to Paddy O'Halloran, who stepped on as the Centipede's faculty advisor in early December. “Paddy was an instrumental person,” Mandy said. They noted that O'Halloran was especially helpful as a second opinion for articles, especially during the editing process, and was also enthusiastic when fielding questions from writers and editors.

The Centipede, too, has had an impact on its senior editors. “The Centipede helped me find my voice. Not my writing or even my opinions, but the willingness to speak myself and the ideas that compose me,” said William Kim. Jasper Perlis chose to reflect on the editorial process. “I've gotten to read dozens of articles, and learned a lot from it,” he said. Jason Mao said, “I have learned a lot from my fellow editors about journalism and beyond.” Jason also noted that his time on the Centipede has inspired him to potentially pursue journalism in the future.

We asked Smile and Mandy if they had any advice for students who were looking to write for the Centipede. “Find something you're really passionate about,” said Mandy. She emphasized how of any such passions, from team sports to clubs to leadership positions, could make for incredible Centipede topics. Smile noted the value of presence, and how simply participating in a sign-up meeting could catalyze participation with the publication. “A lot of magic happens on the spreadsheets,” she said.

This past year has really been one of the most defining in the publication's history, as it covered a vast array of crucial topics, both within the CA community and beyond. It cannot be

overstated how instrumental the seniors were in this process. They led both by model and in action, and it was a tremendous privilege to write alongside them all. We will miss you beyond words.