After a week of classes, students were able to unwind on the night of Friday, October 8,  with multiple food trucks. From the fresh scent of fried dough to the Vietnamese noodles and tacos, there was a wide variety of food choices, all of which were eagerly welcomed by the CA community. 

From 7:30 to 9 pm on the Friday prior to Family Weekend, students filed into lines to get their treats as they conversed with one another. The fried oreos were a unique addition to the fried dough, which Ejemen Omonzane ’25 described as “pretty good.” With friends gathering around, music was played while some groups held their phones’ flashlights for better lighting to take photos. This event brought the community together, a key aspect in transitioning the community back to in-person learning.

As CA welcomed parents and family members to experience the community firsthand during Family Weekend, they were greeted with four food trucks, each serving a unique style of food. Among these were Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Bon Me, North East of the Border, and the Chicken & Rice Guys. While people waited in line, sports games were happening across and off campus, where groups burst out into cheers with each point scored. Singers shared joy through their cheerful songs near the StuFac patio, altogether fostering a sense of community through delectable food and delightful enjoyments.

The 2021-22 CA Entertainment Representatives Andy Dietel ’22 and Jarrett Gath ’22 worked with Ndanu Mutisya, the student activities coordinator, to organize the previous food truck event. “I really love to give the people what they want,” Ndanu noted. “After talking with the entertainment reps, they told me they would love to have food trucks come to campus. At first, this idea was supposed to be for the Block Party, but it was not feasible at the time. I decided to have a food truck event in place of that since there was interest, but you can thank your entertainment reps for the idea!” 

With these food offerings, a main highlight from the last weeks, students are reinvigorated to launch back into their busy schedules. Similar events will also be planned in the future, so that the community can come back together once again.