The political landscape at Concord Academy is currently dominated by the emergence of three Instagram accounts that have recently gained widespread popularity among the CA community. Outlining the democracy voiced by individuals, the diverse student body has connected through this platform, expressing their views on specific fruits around campus.

Bananas of Concord, at 211 followers as of December 9, was the first account to post photos featuring the presence of bananas around the community. Intriguing captions followed, ranging from dramatic longings of “Out of reach, my dearest, come say hello!” to simply “Pensive Plantains.” Apples of Concord quickly followed the trend, not only posting photos of apples at CA but also declaring “war” against bananas: “Some beautiful Apples at break today! And NO Bananas!” Proverbs have been altered in compelling aspects, drawing a line between apples and bananas from a partisan standpoint.

Amid the palpable tension, a new account stepped in—Fruits of Concord. Its neutrality in embracing all types of fruits has aroused the community to reflect upon the social dynamics that are present in our community. Memes have taken part, outlining the illusion of free choice and categorizing various deeds by the degree of neutrality. As a nonpartisan party, it has linked the community together through a wide variety of fruits and deliberation on the standing of the two “political” parties.

 When expressing their views on the posts, Serena Hindle ’25 and Jake Klineman ’25 commented, “It’s amazing,” and “Oh, it’s so awesome,” respectively, prompting a lighthearted discussion with an air of insouciance.

Extending beyond political dichotomies, these Instagram accounts highlight a democracy among the CA community, as students defend their views within an inclusive community. The sharing of diverse opinions offers a glimpse into the camaraderie fostered by CA’s culture—when different tones reach a harmonious union. The posts certainly provide plenty of fruit for thought. Don’t they?