Concord Academy’s student council plays an essential role in the school’s character, from the organization of culture-defining events to student representation in substantial decisions. A great community thrives in partnership with a great leader, and the connection between the two parties will grow as the student body gets to know this year’s Student Head of School (HoS), Jessie Ma ’24. 

Jessie revealed that the reason she ran for student HoS stems from her deep love and appreciation for the CA community. To her, the school feels like a second home and she especially appreciates the unique voice CA offers to its students. Jessie explained, “I want to ensure that this community continues to be a place of love and support, to uphold student voice, and to push CA to improve.” She additionally notes her seasoned experience in student council, previously serving as Freshman Class Representative, Sophomore Class President, and Environmental Representative. She hopes that it will aid her in her endeavors as student HoS. 

Ever the prepared leader, Jessie has a number of goals she aims to achieve in the 2023–24 school year. Her core ambitions revolve around maintaining and creating a strong sense of community both within CA itself and further branching out of campus. To encourage community bonding, Jessie is working with student Vice Head of School Kate Sahin ’24 to create an official student center. Although there are a variety of popular hangout places around campus such as the SHAC, the Stu-Fac, and dorm house common rooms, Jessie hopes to introduce a centralized space for students to socialize and perhaps also use as a club-meeting space. As for the latter goal of branching out, she hopes to connect the CA community with local opportunities through events or other programming. In her student HoS speech, Jessie reasoned, “I think that we [can] get comfortable and stuck in our own CA bubble [sometimes].” She plans to collaborate with other CA groups and representatives to achieve this, such as Community Action, C&E, affinity groups, and clubs.

Besides her unstoppable drive and ambitions as student HoS, Jessie would also like to introduce herself to the community on a more personal and casual level. She is quite involved at CA as an athlete—participating in track, volleyball, and Dance Project. She is also a club cohead of Woolpack and Game Design Club. In her free time, she enjoys reading, knitting, and crocheting. Her go-to beverage to make in the Stu-Fac is a mug of English breakfast tea with brown sugar and oat milk. 

Jessie hopes the community can learn to be comfortable enough to approach her with ideas, concerns, or for a quick chat. “I am always happy to get to know someone or help out,” she explained. She also wants to encourage anyone interested to attend council meetings; they are open to everyone and she feels that this information is not widely known. With every plan she makes, Jessie is clearly dedicated and determined to serve as CA’s student HoS as best as she can. As such, the CA community can look forward to a great year with her new ideas and charismatic leadership.