The winter basketball season is already underway, with daily practices, and a few games every week. Despite some initial close losses, the Girls Junior Varsity Basketball team is off to a great start. The team has already played Montrose, Bancroft, and Lexington Christian Academy, with tough losses to each. All of their previous games have ended very competitively, with games only having been lost by one-or-two point margins.

“What’s great about JV basketball is there’s really a learning curve,” said JV captain Esmée Decola ’23. “You know, we have some people who have never played basketball before.” The Junior Varsity team this year is composed of players with varying levels of experience. This has created a great team environment, allowing the players with more skill to help aid in the learning of those with less. This progress has seemed to already present itself in competition. Esmée expressed her excitement in “watching [her] teammates, some of which who were fairly inexperienced, now being the ones who drive and make layups.” 

In the face of some losses starting the year, the team is excited for the season to come, and is carrying good spirits with them. “We are relentlessly positive, and are always just excited to play and learn…rather than getting down on ourselves about how well we were scoring.” By the end of the season, the Girls JV Basketball team will have played many other schools in the EIL, including Pingree, Newton Country Day, and Dana Hall.