Girls Varsity Soccer kicked their season off with a triumphant win over Bancroft at Moriarty on September 14. It was a clear and sunny day – perfect conditions for playing soccer. CA dominated their competition from the start. They scored eight goals in the first half, and closed the game with two more in the second. Despite Bancrofts best efforts, CA came out with a 10-0 win. They celebrated their win with ringing the bell triumphantly in front of parents, teachers, and students for the first time this fall. 

Looking ahead to the season, CA will be facing some familiar rivals, but also some new foes. Soccer will face Pomfret School, Kent’s Hill School, and Wheeler School for the first time. Nevertheless, their efforts against Bancroft displayed the team’s  ability to create offensive opportunities while also maintaining a strong defensive game. The team is especially skilled at creating dangerous situations using crosses and corner kicks. A number of the goals in the Bancroft game were tapped in from people rushing towards the goal as the ball was crossed into the penalty box. 

The team, led by coach Ben Stumpf and captains Tory Adams ’23, Annie McGarry ’23, and Phoebe Fritz ’23, are looking forward to welcoming fans at the many home games this season. All three captains have already showed off their skills during the early part of the season, and two players — Graylyn Rhee ’24 and Olivia Young ’25 — scored their first varsity goals. We can look forward to watching Girls Varsity Soccer this fall season!