People like to think of Halloween as an occasion where you can be whoever you want to be. You can step into someone's shoes, put a fun twist on a classic character, or play as the cast of your favorite movie with your friends. Whatever you do on Halloween is worth looking forward to. 

Current juniors and seniors at CA were lucky to have experienced a Halloween dance prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, with classes back in person, the Halloween Dance, once again, appeared on students' calendars. Held in the SHAC Atrium, the event encouraged students to come dressed in a costume of their choice. 

Leading up to the event, it was made clear that costumes that mocked, dehumanized, or objectified another culture, gender, or race were prohibited. Those who were unsure as to whether their costume fit that description were encouraged to reach out to the C&E Office. An email addressing this issue was sent out to all students, explaining that it is important to “consider the potential impact of your costume choices before committing to them.” Masks covering the face were also not allowed. Although this seems like a rule added this year because of the need to wear face masks to protect each other’s health, this rule had been in place long before the mask mandate was introduced. This is because of the need for teachers to be able to see the faces of the students and identify them.

The Halloween Dance started at 8 pm on Friday, October 29th, two days before Halloween night. Students that attended the dance got a chance to socialize with friends and to show off their costumes. Once entering the SHAC, they were offered glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark paint, and wristbands. The venue was decorated with lights, paper pumpkins, and balloons that were tossed around in the dancing crowds of students. The squash courts were modified into hang spaces by adding chairs, couches, and stools. Music blared, disco lights flashed, and students danced, talked, and played ping pong. At the end of the dance, participants received gift bags of assorted candy and departed into the night.

The Halloween Dance offered a great opportunity for CA students to celebrate the holiday while staying safe, and there will be more such dances and social events in the future.