Dear Larry,

I refuse to even look at my grade comments. My parents ask me how to access them every other month, and I have to lie and say they are not published yet or that the comments are no longer available. I am too afraid to face the consequences of my procrastination and “I choose happiness” mindset. Every time I think of the assignments I have let pile up, I want to cry. What am I supposed to do?

Save me,

Very Stressed Student

Hi, Very Stressed Student,

It seems that you have put yourself in quite a pickle! I would suggest just looking at your comments; the worst that can happen is your teachers write that you are not doing well in a class, but those are just words! Plus, you still have time to do better. Talk to your peers and teachers about the class and figure something out! If this continues, maybe you should change your study habits; procrastination is problematic. You got this!




Hey Larry!

I am so afraid of Concord drivers. Everyone in this town immediately needs their license taken away because I am not convinced any of them passed their driving test. Why are drivers shrugging at me after stopping their cars in the crosswalk? And why are they trying to see if they can speed through the crosswalk before I can get to the other side? I do not even know what I am supposed to do; how do I approach these drivers?

Work your magic, 

Fearful Pedestrian

Fellow Pedestrian,

I do not think I can really help you with this one because I am also afraid of the Concord drivers. Too many people are in a rush to get out of this town, and I can see why. Next time someone tries to race you to the end of the crosswalk, have a seat right there! Just kidding!!!! Honestly, do not let the drivers get you down. If anything, they are probably just jealous that you are not stuck in metal on wheels and love Concord so much that you walk around the town all the time—as I’m sure is the case.

XOXO, Gossip Girl



Soooo Larry,

Why do people keep talking about how Concord is just like the infamous Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls? I am sick and tired of hearing about having a Gilmore Girls fall because Concord is not the cute small town that it is romanticized to be. I am not even safe on Instagram Reels, where an influencer posted a video in Concord with the text “stars hollow vibes >.” What is this tomfoolery?


Concord Fall Tolerator

Dear Concord Fall Tolerator,

Let the people have their fall moment! You may think that they are wrong or odd, but let them be happy in a mind clouded by an east coast small town. Gilmore Girls references are hurting nobody! I think the real question is, are you team Dean, Jess, or Logan? I will do you one better—are you team Tristan?

With love,

Lariee (Kirk’s 63rd persona)