Any citizen of Concord, or Massachusetts for that matter, knows how treacherous the conditions are in winter. As a veteran of the Massachusetts winter experience, I have picked up a few tips that may aid you on your journey of survival.

  • Prepare the Hot Chocolate:

Why: Who wouldn’t want a warm, cocoa-based treat necessary to keep you going during the colder months of the winter season? Besides: it’s chocolate. Need I say more?

Ingredients: Milk, chocolate, cocoa powder, and maple syrup (or any natural sweetener).

Tips: Opt for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate overall, and its bitter taste fits beautifully with the creamy texture of the drink. If not, milk chocolate will suffice. Pre-made mixes will also work but must be tinkered with in order to ensure optimal taste.


  1. Pour four cups of milk into a saucepan over medium heat, then add three tablespoons of cocoa powder and two tablespoons maple syrup. Whisk together until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Finely chop four ounces of chocolate, then add to the saucepan. Stir until the chocolate is fully combined in the mixture.
  3. Serve and drink! (You can top with coconut whipped cream if you’d like.)
  • Find a Snow-Seeing Spot:

Three feet of snowfall is a hassle to shovel. On the other hand, it makes for a great sightseeing experience. There’s something oddly comforting about being perched in front of a window, a steaming cup of hot chocolate (see above) in your hands, just watching snowfall gently drift. Better yet is being perched in the middle of the snowstorm itself. 

Why: It’s Massachusetts. There’s a lot of snow. Like, all the time. When it snows, you’re usually trapped indoors without much to do. Snow-seeing is an awesome way to pass the time. 

Where: Any window clear enough to see through. If indoors, the higher up the better, though beware of pesky tree branches. If you feel truly adventurous, try your hand at snow-seeing outside the comfort of your home. You’ll undoubtedly end up shivering and possibly soaked (depending on the amount of snowfall), but the sheer, unadulterated beauty of it all might just make it worth it. 

  • Man the Snow-Fort:

Those jealous of your comfort will be on the prowl, just looking for the opportunity to claim your hot cocoa and sightseeing locations. To defend yourself from these threats, construct a makeshift snow fort. 

Why: Building snow forts is one of the most entertaining things you can do, especially if you can grab some friends. Bonus points for adding a drawbridge, gate, lookout tower, or “hidden” tunnel (that your family conveniently pretends not to notice). If you ever find your construction feeling a tad bit lonely, remember to construct some snow-citizens as well.  

Tips: Like building a snowman, wet snow is ideal for fort construction. Pack chunks together into 'bricks,' then layer these 'bricks' onto one another. When constructing additional features, like a drawbridge, make sure to keep an eye out for structural stability. Even the grandest, mightiest of snow-forts can be toppled with just a single misplaced patch. 

  • Bored-Games

Despite being disguised as friendly activities designed for young children and their families, board games are anything but. Whether it be forcing your friends to shell out hundreds of dollars in Monopoly, or trapping unaware opponents in chess, board games are not only some of the most vicious simulations ever created, but also serve as great ways to pass the time.Tips: It is imperative that you prepare in advance. Understanding the art of the game, as well as the strategy of your opponents, can help you gain a decisive edge in these close-cut games.