On Friday, February 9, 2024, Concord Academy held its annual International Potluck. With many in the community seldom having the chance to consume food outside of the typical Student-Faculty Center meals, the explosion of flavor the International Potluck offered was just what students needed to get them through the winter. The event was scheduled to go from 8 to 10 p.m., but the queue outside of the Stu-Fac doors started to form as early as 7 pm. As soon as the doors to the Stu-Fac opened, students rushed in to get in line for the delicious food that awaited them.

CA parents generously provided many dishes from a variety of different cuisines around the world, with Kenyan mandazi, Korean tteokbokki, Lebanese mjaddara, flan, samosas, dumplings, tanghulu and boba among the many offerings. The wide variety of dishes truly highlights the diverse cultures that make up the CA community.

As the line for food started to thin out, students made their way to the various tables featuring elements of different countries around the world, decorated with tablecloths, pins, and napkins, and began indulging in their meals. The second half of the event also included karaoke and dancing, which lasted for the rest of the night, featuring a variety of songs.

This year the International Potluck coincided with Lunar New Year’s Eve. As the community welcomed the Year of the Dragon, the East Asian Student Association (EASA), the Southeast Asian Society (SEAS), Asian Cuisine Club, and Mandarin Club worked together to provide a variety of Lunar New Year-inspired activities. These included lantern making, folding origami cranes and gold nuggets, which symbolize wealth and prosperity, calligraphy, and face and body painting with motifs of the Lunar New Year.

After meticulous planning of the event by CA parents since last December, the International Potluck was a huge success with an incredible turnout. This wonderful event is truly a celebration of community, and it will hopefully continue for many years.