Concord Academy has always been led by students as well as faculty members. A robust and diverse student government upholds the school culture, a wide array of clubs keep students engaged in their passions, and student committees have a hand in everything from campus tours to disciplinary responses. Among all of these groups, the Athletics Council has the unique role of supporting the athletics program.

The council typically comprises three members, which is small compared to other committees such as the Disciplinary Committee (ten) or the Student Arts Council (six). This year, the members are Isabella Ginsburg ’23, Christian Setalsingh-Nazaire ’23, and Phoebe Fritz ’23. They will work closely with Sue Johnson P’20, Director of Athletics, to promote games, fundraise, and encourage students to engage in athletics. 

To accomplish these objectives, the Athletics Council is heavily involved in preparing fundraising events. At large events such as the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the members set up a pop-up store and a face painting station for fans to show their competitive spirit. Additionally, you may occasionally see a bake sale prepared by the council in the Stu-Fac during lunch periods.

Arranging pep rallies and raising student enthusiasm about the athletics program is also a priority of the Athletics Council. The Chandler Bowl, an all-day sporting competition between CA and Pingree, is one of several events that are preceded by pep rallies to engage students in athletics. 

The Athletics Council even oversees large administrative affairs. One such example was the construction of the Moriarty Athletic Campus in 2012. Council members took a trip with Jenny Brennan, the then Director of Athletics and Don Kingman, Director of Operations, to view the construction site and envision how it would play into the athletic program.

As we head into the 2022-2023 school year, the Athletics Council’s members have changed, but its goals have remained the same. You can expect the council to play a big role in CA’s athletics to come, just as it always has.