The Student Arts Council is an official school council, with its members selected by the art department faculty from a pool of applicants. Different from the art club, which provides a space for artists to delve into various fields of visual arts, Student Arts Council organizes or helps organize art-related school events such as art shows and strives to encourage CA students’ participation in both performing arts and visual arts. Although it is a newly formed organization at CA (as of the fall of 2020), the Student Arts Council has been organizing influential events at CA, and its contributions to our community continued throughout the COVID pandemic.

One of the council members, Chaewon Bae ’22 said, “We successfully organized and ran the Arts Day earlier this year and are working on a sticker sale for council funds recently.” The council’s efforts have enriched students’ lives at this unusual time, as council members worked to provide more opportunities for students to participate in colorful activities.

When asked about future plans of the Student Arts Council, Chaewon stated that they will be organizing some end-of-the-school-year art events in June, such as theatre performances, the spring art show, the film assembly, and the Feature Film Premiere. Another tradition the council has been working to continue is the seasonal arts prompts, where Student Arts Council will be sharing an art prompt every season. Students can utilize the entire season to complete a personal artwork relating to the theme of the month, and their artwork will be displayed to the whole school at the end of each season. 

Due to the hybrid learning mode at CA, it was challenging for the Students Arts Council members to connect and host in-person activities. The difference in everyone’s schedule due to time zones and other causes made it even harder for members to connect. Chaewon noted, “Hopefully, this will change as more students will be coming to campus next year!”