Over CA’s winter break, many found themselves glued to the TV as the twists and turns of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery played out before them. Without any spoilers, the basic plot is as follows: a powerful tech tycoon invites his longtime friends and associates to his private island for a fun-filled weekend. Things take a turn for the worst when someone ends up dead, and Benoit Blanc (a world renowned detective) must crack the confusing case in a race against the clock. As with any murder mystery that is nerve racking in nature, it is hard to look away. With important details sprinkled into the film from the very beginning, solving the mystery along with Benoit Blanc truly brings the viewer into the story. 

On a separate note, the cast is also very impressive. With big names like Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson, and Madelyn Cline, the expectations were high. They were made even higher, having to follow in the footsteps of the original Knives Out. This murder mystery film, also starring Daniel Craig as the amazing detective Benoit Blanc, was a smashing success. Back in 2019, it made a surprising 311.9 dollars million at the box office. Whether you saw the sequel in theaters or not, the product on screen certainly had hype to live up to.

CA students had a wide variety of opinions regarding the film. One negative review came from Kaden Natale-Schmitt ’23. He says, “[Glass Onion] was nothing better than mediocre. My head was on a swivel, and not in a good way. The plot was overwhelming and absurd at times. I would not recommend it. I just want to tell Danial Craig to go back to James Bond!”

However, not everyone voiced such displeasures, Luke First ’23 says, “I quite enjoyed it, but not as much as the original. My favorite part came early. I was shouting at my TV when I saw a game of Among Us being played by some pretty surprising people. In the moment, I thought it was cringe and sus, but looking back, it was a make or break scene for me.” 

In my eyes, the film is inferior to its predecessor. However, it certainly has its strengths. As far as sheer entertainment value goes, this movie has it. The ‘aha’ moments, the action scenes, the easter eggs, and the laughs are all there. The intrigue and confusion will have you guessing who’s to blame right from the start. Not only that, but I would surely support a third film, to make this a trilogy. With two successful installations already—both of which received, and continue to receive praise—another seems both fitting and likely. I am excited to see what is to come.In summary, Glass Onion is worth the watch. If you are looking for a film to pique your interest in some way or another, Glass Onion is a safe bet.