Nightcrawler was released on October 31, 2021, and was directed by David Gilroy. The movie follows the adventures of Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal), a man living off what he can scavenge or steal through petty theft. One night, he comes across cameramen filming a car wreck. After talking to the group, he discovers that the men are freelancers who listen to police radios, track down car wrecks and homicides, and sell the footage to TV stations. Tired of scavenging to survive, Lou decides to buy a camera and become a freelancer himself.

Lou’s business in Los Angeles crime journalism starts off slow. He becomes a nightcrawler, someone who stays up late at night, waiting for the next police siren so he can be the first to the scene. However, with his lack of experience, he struggles to be the first to any wrecks or get quality footage. To bring his work to the next level, Lou begins to blur the line between reporter and participant. He causes car wrecks and alters crime scenes to get the best footage possible, making him and his work the star of the show.

Nightcrawler is the perfect thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Lou Bloom’s sociopathic performance makes for a creepy and haunting experience. His body language and acting are outstanding; it is difficult to distinguish the actor from the character. Additionally, the cinematography is excellent. The night shots of Los Angeles set the perfect scene for Lou’s gruesome and intense adventures.

David Gilroy explores the dark side of TV news channels through a creepy yet intriguing experience that will surely make your skin crawl.