Bright colors jumping out of the screen, tunes that will run through your head all day, and talking birds–that’s what to love about Rio. The movie was released April 15, 2011 under the direction of Carlos Saldanha. 

Kidnapped when he was a baby bird, Blu never learned how to fly. Linda, a woman who lives a normal life in Minnesota, stumbles upon Blu on the streets. Worried that he is the last of his kind, she takes him in, raising him as her own. One thing leads to another, and Blu and Linda set off to Rio to save the rare Spix Macaw species. 

Rio is an incredibly colorful movie. Mostly set in Rio, the scenes depict expanses of forests and crystal blue ocean water. There are countless species of birds featured in the movie: Golden Conures, Scarlet Macaws, Roseate Spoonbills, and more. When they are all flying and dancing on the screen at once, it’s like a decorated canvas. Costumes play a large role in the movie. Whether the human characters are dressing up for a parade or trying to disguise themselves as birds, the costumes are elaborate, made with vibrant-colored fabrics and glittery sequins. 

The soundtrack is another one of Rio’s strengths. Carlos Saldanha used music to his advantage. Most of the songs are upbeat with a strong rhythm. They are often played while birds are dancing or flying. Some of the top songs are Hot Wings by Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, and, Real in Rio by Jesse Einsenburg, and Let Me Take to Rio by Ester Dean. The songs are even available on Spotify for continued enjoyment. The energetic tunes are a guaranteed mood booster.

If you want a heartwarming movie that will have you leaving with a sense of satisfaction, Rio is the way to go.