The 2014 movie, Whiplash, is a piece of cinema that almost everyone can agree is worth watching. It boasts a very talented cast: most notably, the main character, Miles Teller, as well as Andrew Neiman and J.K Simmons, the latter of whom plays Miles’s teacher, Terrence Fletcher. The story follows Neiman, a passionate drummer who is determined to become great. He attends Schaffer Conservatory, one of the best music schools in the country where he practices every day. Early in the movie, he is invited to join the best band after the group leaders hear and realize his drumming ability. While very excited, he soon finds out that the band teacher is a considerably loud and angry person who pushes his students to their limit using very questionable methods. 

When I watched the movie, the first thing I noticed was the incredible acting. The roles are played so well, and the tension the actors create throughout the movie is tangible. Moreover the plot matches the skill of the actors. In ways, it is simple, as you watch Nieman progress in his drumming career, but the relationship between he and his teacher adds emotional complexity that leaves you questioning the both of them. The movie also does the musicians justice as it provides some jaw dropping performances, some of which, interestingly enough, were performed by Teller himself.

This movie was made with skill and beauty, and is a piece of art that will not be forgotten any time soon. I recommend that everyone reading this article watch it.