Football season is in full swing after officially kicking off on Thursday, September 8. For eighteen thrilling weeks consisting of 272 games spread across the fall and winter, the action never stops. From now until January 8, 2023, the regular season will be jam-packed with twists and turns.

In a community like Concord Academy’s, where your schedule can feel overbooked at times, kicking back to enjoy a Patriots game on a Sunday afternoon can be a wonderful break from the bustling action of school. Four quarters of highs and lows go a long way to take your mind off of, for example, your Geometry quiz on Monday morning. This is one of the benefits of the timing of the NFL season: it provides an outlet from your over-focusing on homework and studying. Still, if you have never watched a football game in your life, give it a try, even if just to laugh at it with some friends!

As far as the players themselves, household names like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, and, yes, Tom Brady, put on a show every time they step on the field. Hail Mary touchdowns, last-second game winning drives, and awe-inspiring accuracy is always on display when it comes to the legends of the field. Nevertheless, every team has amazing athletes, and is capable of displaying a great product on game day. No matter who you cheer for, or what game you find yourself watching, it is sure to be entertaining. 

Be warned, the season will fly by. By the time you are reading this, likely four weeks of the sport will have passed, so be sure to soak it up while you can! Before you know it, it will be February 12, 2023, and the Patriots will be battling for a title on Super Bowl Sunday. You heard it here first!