As our world keeps advancing with new technology, one particularly intriguing innovation has emerged from Apple. The company has made this product available to the public for the past several months. During a 2005 interview at the All Things Digital Conference, Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs discussed the limitations of experiencing content on small-screen devices, stating that the satisfaction derived from such devices would be significantly inferior. When asked how this issue could be addressed, Jobs suggested the possibility of using goggles to provide a viewing experience comparable to that of a large plasma display at home. Now, a product fulfilling this vision has become a reality in the form of Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro was unveiled on June 5, 2023 and officially launched in the United States on February 2, 2024. Its arrival has sparked considerable debate, with some individuals expressing admiration for the product while others question its worthiness of popularity.

Vision Pro represents a significant leap forward in terms of novelty and sophistication. It stands as the first wearable device that seamlessly integrates with the surroundings while functioning akin to a computer. This product has access to every application available on phones or computers, presented in a spatial layout. Contrary to some concerns, it delivers crisp, large-scale visuals. Inside Vision Pro, users can perform tasks and even have multiple tabs open simultaneously, enhancing productivity. Furthermore, features such as FaceTime now offer a remarkably immersive experience, simulating face-to-face interactions. There is also an app specific to this product called the Mindfulness app that allows users to engage deeply, as the displayed shapes fill the entire three-dimensional space, fostering a sense of immersion. This heightened sense of engagement also extends to watching movies, where users feel fully absorbed in the viewing experience.

When utilizing Apple Vision Pro for movie viewing, users can adjust the screen size, even to panoramic dimensions. In bustling environments like airplanes, the "background" can also be manipulated so that users can immerse themselves in a movie, transporting them to a different setting. Interaction with the device is intuitive, with users navigating through eye movements, tapping to select, and flicking to scroll. Despite the technological processes occurring within the device, the experience feels seamlessly integrated into the surrounding space.

Wearing this product is not cumbersome. Users can comfortably wear it for extended periods, even during face-to-face interactions with others. The device automatically detects the presence of individuals in front of the user, displaying them on the screen. During conversations, users' eyes are visible to others, ensuring a sense of connection. The product is designed for comfort, with a soft frame and a 3D-knitted headband that is stretchy and breathable. Additionally, the accompanying charger is compact, minimizing the weight burden. However, this small battery could still be very inconvenient and people could often forget to bring it with them.

While the Vision Pro offers a relatively comfortable wearing experience and minimal disruption to daily life, it does come with several drawbacks. For instance, wearing the device can feel burdensome, akin to carrying three phones on one's head, especially during extended periods of use. Another inconvenience arises for users who wear glasses, as they are unable to wear them with the Vision Pro and need to purchase specialized optical glasses designed for compatibility, which adds an extra expense of $100.

Moreover, there is ample room for improvement. Visual perception through the Vision Pro mirrors that of viewing through the cameras of a phone. Rapid movements can result in blurriness, and the clarity of the actual surroundings may be lacking. Also, objects within close proximity (less than 8 inches) appear blurry when viewed through the device.

Overall, this product represents a significant technological advancement, marking the beginning of the era of spatial computing. It is more comfortable for people to do work, play games or watch movies from Vision Pro. Unfortunately, there are many significant restrictions when using this product. However, this is only the beginning of Vision Pro and this product will continue to improve and change.