All quotes are anonymous. Any relation to real people, apart from those mentioned by name, is coincidental.

“My question was, ‘What was the point of the trial?’ I think they could’ve just skipped it… ignoring the 6th Amendment, of course.” – a discussion point in Alison Lobron’s Fit to Print English Class

“Started from the bottom now we here.” – said in reference to being cleared to resume playing following a prior concussion

“You know what I would call you if you were a part of Tech Crew? Crew-na” – anonymous student to Luna Cabrera ’23

“I mean, of course, Salem is the place in Massachusetts known for being haunted, but just take a look at Concord and all its history. Like, a lot of people have died here.” – anonymous student #2

“I know this is kind of weird, but I have a list of facts about you in my phone.” – anonymous student #3 in conversation with George Larivee

“Yeah, so they can say, ‘If you fall out of the hayride, it’s not our fault!’ you know?” – in reference to the required waiver for the Witches Woods Halloween trip

“She’s definitely looking down on all of us whenever she’s outside.” – in reference to Luna, Annie Bailey’s, Director of Residential Life, cat

“What a concussion!” – a spectator's reaction to a headbutt move during a soccer game over Family Weekend

“I looked at the SAT workbook, and it, menacingly, looked back at me.” – anonymous student #4
“I wonder if teachers know the turmoil they cause.” – a reaction to an assignment posted to Schoology