Many CA students probably remember their Revisit Day: a day full of surprises and exploration, likely awkward and crowded—especially in the pit—yet fun. Perhaps the day even officially marked the beginning of their time at CA. Whatever it is, Revisit Day has a significant impact on both incoming students and the current CA community. Current students host potential incoming students on all three Revisit Days—March 30, April 3, and April 6, 2023. 

Admissions Office staff Julie Wadland and Melissa Browne worked hard to improve this year’s Revisit Day experience. Their efforts eased the awkwardness of first introductions with an airport-style greeting in the PAC, where hosts held up printed student names. Families and admitted students went their separate ways, and each current CA student host brought their admitted student (or students) along to classes and lunch. 

The Admissions Office matched hosts with admitted students according to their shared interests, enabling most prospective students to attend a class in a discipline they are interested in. After three classes, the hosts led their student(s) to the SHAC, where prospective students were reunited with their families and had the opportunity to explore CA. Faculty members from each department held Academic Fairs in the SHAC atrium. Athletics staff were organized similarly on the second floor. Prospective boarding students had the chance to take a boarding house tour while current students introduced student-run clubs. Finally, snacks were served on the second floor—a popular destination for many tired and hungry hosts at the end of the day. 

Of course, student hosts had much to say about Revisit Day themselves. Hosts shared their nerves and excitement about the start of the process, especially about the possible tension between host and student, but looking back, they realized that everything sorted itself out and many thoroughly enjoyed introducing CA to new students. Ryan Zhao ’26 said, “Teaching [my students] about CA classes helped me realize how much CA classes meant to me.” 

Generally, many hosts believed that their students enjoyed the day in various ways. Xander Grossman ’26 stated, “All of the kids I have toured thus far seemed happy—if a bit disinterested at times—but [they] all enjoyed Creative Computing as well as Andrew Steven’s [class].” Danaliz Estevez ’26 commented that her students’ favorite class was Biology with Gretchen Roorbach. Additionally, hosts formed budding relationships with their students within the span of the day. Xander believed that the chaos and questions that were being thrown around helped speed the process along. 

Hosts also had several thoughts on the organization of Revisit Day, with good things being said about student-and-host matching as well as the schedule; however, the most prevalent suggestion was finding a better way to help integrate students into class, as some courses—especially higher-level math—were not fun to sit through for the prospective students. 

Nevertheless, hosts seemed to appreciate Revisit Day. Xander expressed his thankfulness for the change of pace and Danaliz shared her enjoyment when she watched the prospective students get to know each other. Ryan stated, “I personally wish every day were as lively as [Revisit Days], as the [atmosphere] adds so much flair and brightness to the school, which I haven’t seen since orientation.” 

As the 2022–2023 academic year comes to an end, Revisit Days and similar events serve as reminders of new beginnings for the community. That future we look forward to includes the new students and all the gradual changes and growth the CA community will continue to experience.