The past seven weeks saw a buzz within the rugby world, with France, who is 2nd in the world, hosting an incredible tournament with nailbiting games, surprise teams, and a dominating performance by the host country. As it normally does, The World Cup this year brought the best of the best together.

20 teams were divided into four pools (A, B, C, and D). France is one of the most enormous titans of the sport. “The Les Blues” has consistently been a formidable force in international rugby. With a passionate fan base, a rich rugby heritage, and a penchant for playing an exhilarating brand of rugby, France was poised to be a force to be reckoned with in their home World Cup. The French did not let the fans down, as they started the tournament strong by defeating New Zealand’s team “All Blacks” (one of the tournament favorites) in the opener, which set the tone of the tournament.

It is not enough to say that the Rugby World Cup is a game on the field; it is also a world itself on the streets. Rugby is characterized by bringing together diverse nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures together in love for this game. The fan scenes throughout the tournament were electrifying as people wore jerseys from different nations, showcasing sportsmanship and unity.

Fans and teams from overseas were warmly welcomed. France has loved their rugby for ages. Thus, it was no surprise that they put up a tournament that will be remembered for generations—games very close, an intense competition between France and the participating nations. The French hosting of the 2023 Rugby World Cup not only celebrated the game but was also an expression of the host nation's cultural heritage.

The Rugby World Cup was also a chance to peer into the future. The world stage witnessed the emergence of young talents and fresh strategies as well as new playing styles. This was a tournament like no other, and with rugby constantly evolving, this World Cup depicted changes that will affect the sport for ages, attracting younger generations to take more interest in this beautiful game.

This year, the World Cup was won by South Africa’s “Springboks,” who successfully defended their fourth title in an absolutely thrilling game against the All Blacks, who narrowly lost 13-10. It was a tight tournament with many exciting matches—a robust French team, an Argentinian surprise, the successes of Fiji and Wales, and, finally, the English team's choke at the end. In conclusion, the Rugby World Cup was where nations celebrated sportsmanship, friendship, and competition at the highest level.