As the college application season continues, many seniors interested in the visual arts have begun to look into their art supplements and portfolios. Whether it’s going to an art school, or taking a visual arts minor or certificate in college, the student artists at CA need to demonstrate their artistic interest and talent in the application process. Faculty members knowledgeable in the visual arts and the said art process are here to assist them. 

A senior college portfolio workshop was held on campus on Thursday night, September 23rd, with several teachers in the visual arts department present, including Peter Boskey and Jonathan Smith. Students gathered in LABS111 for the event, while Sarah Lovely, the guest speaker of the workshop, spoke to them through Zoom. An independent counselor with nearly 20 years of experience working in admissions and college counseling, Sarah has helped students with diverse interests to take individualized paths. She made a comprehensive presentation during the workshop, explaining the different artistic experiences one can undertake in college and the details related to the application process. 

According to Sarah’s presentation, there are various pathways one can take to be engaged with the visual arts after high school. While students interested in developing a career in art can certainly apply to art schools, those who are also considering other majors can apply to art programs at liberal arts colleges, or even obtain dual degrees in art and another area of study. These different options entail different ways of application, requiring either an art portfolio or an art supplement. To further demonstrate their strength and interest in art, students can write about the visual arts in their Common App or supplemental essays. Other parts of their resumes, such as the activities section, letters of recommendation, artistic statements, and interviews, are also potential spaces for students to elaborate on their artistic interests. 

Of course, the portfolio workshop was only the first step. Students who indicated interest will soon choose their art portfolio advisors, and will work with them on their personalized applications. While the process can be long and confusing, the students can always turn to their portfolio advisors or other CA adults for help.