Alex Eckford ’23 is a senior day student from Lexington, Massachusetts. Although he comes from a neighboring town, Alex has found a second home at Concord Academy. He is a wonderful member of the CA community, and a joyous presence on campus. 

One of Alex’s passions is music, more specifically, the piano and the guitar. That’s right, Alex is a multi-instrumentalist. He has been playing the piano for twelve years and the guitar for seven. As such, Alex has become quite proficient in tapping the keys and strumming the strings. Hearing Alex perform alongside his musical counterparts is a delight. Whether he is at home or on campus, Alex always has time to play a song or two. When asked about his passion for music, Alex said, “It is just something I love to do. What can I say? I feel like I have been surrounded by these instruments since I was born, so of course I’ve taken a liking to them.”

However, music is just one aspect that defines Alex’s multifaceted identity. He is also quite academically well-rounded. Alex is a frequent contributor to class discussions. He consistently supports his classmates and is eager to offer help. Whether it be assisting with calculus homework, or proofreading a topic sentence, Alex is always there to offer a helping hand! 

Alex’s intellectual curiosity is not confined to inside the classroom walls. He loves to engage in enlightening discourse, no matter who it be with. For example, at the age of ten, he once debated with his cousins for upwards of two hours about, in his words, “the rationality of the Easter Bunny.” He said, “I get passionate when a conversation like that starts. Looking back, it seems silly, but at the time, I was all in [...] Funny enough, six years later I was dressing up as the Easter Bunny for a brunch with the young siblings of those very same cousins.” Clearly, Alex has always had a perceptive mind, and he is not afraid to use all his wit, even in a bright white rabbit costume.

Finally, Alex is quite the athlete too! He is a true triple threat–musically, academically, and athletically. He is a steady player on both boys varsity basketball and boys varsity tennis, and he is beyond excited for each respective season to come. Alex encourages the community to come out to the home basketball games this winter. He is clearly a passionate teammate and enthusiastic participant.

Alex is truly a committed community member and a spectacular person to connect with. He is a diligent musician, student, and athlete. Keep an eye out for him this winter on the basketball court and beyond. (He is probably rocking a flannel!)