On October 26, 2005, in Shanghai, China, the world was graced with the presence of the  one and only Alicia Zhang. Alicia is in her final year at Concord Academy as a boarder from Pleasanton, California. An extrovert, she finds herself surrounded by the likes of Grace Chen ’23 and Kaylee Shin. Alicia grew up with a sister, mother and father in the Bay Area. She moved around a bit, living in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong. Alicia and Audrey were always very close, with Alicia following her sister’s footsteps as Audrey got into the art scene and moved away to CA. “I knew I could always rely on Audrey even though we were both far from home,” she recalled. 

In the sixth grade, Alicia found a creative outlet in illustration, particularly webtoons. As her love for the art grew deeper, she realized she wanted to pursue  a career in drawing by her freshman year. Now, she dreams of becoming a visual development artist for video games (though she herself is not a gamer). 

When she’s not drawing or with her friends, Alicia bakes and watches Food Network. “I wasn’t allowed to use my oven in Asia, so I got into baking when I came to the States,” she said. Lately, she has been baking banana bread and chocolate cookies. Alicia’s been able to center her love of food in CA classes as well, and her favorite class is Chemistry of Cooking, taught by Susan Flink. 

Though she’s been a little sister her whole life, Alicia’s maturity and extroverted personality give her license to take on roles of major responsibility, such as the Wheeler Head of House and co-head of Asian Cuisine Club. She takes on such roles with passion and excitement.