Frequent visitors of Bradford House are familiar with Eric Lin ’23, an affable figure in the common room. Eric is regularly spotted lounging on a sofa, feasting on a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Those who visit Bradford on a weekend could find Eric among the crowd screaming in fear from a horror movie. More often than not, Eric can also be found having a conversation ranging from the prospects of the Golden State Warriors to the geo-political state of China. He even offers laundry tips! One thing is certain about Eric: he has a lot of wisdom to offer whenever spoken to.

When asked about his favorite spot on campus, Eric spoke with little hesitation. “The Bradford common room,” he said. While it is a bit of a stretch to describe Eric as a fixture of the common room, that claim is certainly not without merit. Eric expanded on his answer, noting, “It’s really because that [the common room] is where you get to know someone the best. Most of, if not everyone, will eventually go to the common room so that’s where most meaningful discussions happen.” Eric believes in an equal exchange of the student body, explaining that while it may be difficult for students from different grades to interact in a classroom environment, much of that obstacle can be removed in a more casual setting like Bradford. Eric’s philosophy stems from his unpleasant experience in middle school. Originally from Shanghai, China, he accounted his prior school as academically, socially, and athletically obstructing—a toxic environment that stagnated growth. After attending Concord Academy, he was pleasantly surprised by the sense of community and welcoming atmosphere. Eric decisively said that he wants to continue to cultivate a kind and positive culture through his interactions at CA. 

Eric is an avid basketball player and fan, though it did not start out that way. Before he came to CA, Eric confessed that he could barely make a jump shot. He exclaimed, “It’s true! I was so discouraged from playing basketball in Shanghai that I never bothered improving.” As a freshman, he started on JV, and while he unfortunately missed his sophomore year due to the pandemic, he immediately became Captain of JV upon his return to CA as a junior. This year, Eric aspires to make varsity. “Sports is the biggest indicator of my growth. Obviously, it is a physical growth, but for me, it is mostly a mental change.” Eric stated. As a freshman, Eric met two extremely encouraging upperclassmen, Steven Xu ’20 and Auden Gall ’20. Eric also mentioned that Sonny Tang ’22 was another mentor for him. Eric reflected, “Man [Sonny] was insane at basketball, but he was never once belittling.” Half Joking half warning, Eric quipped, “My second favorite place on campus this year is going to be the three point line.” 

Eric’s passion for basketball, Bradford, and his ability to spark conversation make him a great person to get to know. His kindred spirit, leadership, and devotion to creating a welcoming culture at CA are why he is such a beloved member of the community.